Tummy Shield is a seat belt positioner for pregnant women to drive safely. RideSafer replaces the child restraint or booster seat and is a seat belt positioner for children. http://saferide4kids.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/srslider0.jpg

The Tummy Shield helps keep pregnant moms and their babies safe in the car by moving the lap portion of the seat belt off the abdomen and harnessing it between the legs.

Safety and Comfort for Pregnant Women in the Car

Are you pregnant? Do you find the seat belt uncomfortable to wear? Are you afraid the seat belt could be unsafe to you or your child in the event of a crash? Try the Tummy Shield, pregnant mom seat belt safety.

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Convenient Safe Booster Seat Alternative

The RSTV is a car seat alternative that exceeds all Federal safety regulations. Easy to put on, easy to fasten, easy to carry with you. The vest is a safe booster seat for children ages 3 to 8 who weigh 50 to 80 pounds. Use as travel booster seat. The Versions are very similar with only slight differences. While Version 3 can be adjusted for height with the straps in the back, Version 2 can be used with lap-only seat belt and a tether. Version 2 vest will be FAA approved for flight soon.

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A Safe and Legal Car Seat Alternative

Light weight, easy to carry, child keeps it with them. But best of all the RSTV is a safer alternative.

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Keep Your Child Safe in All Vehicles

One child, one vest. No need for extra booster seats or lugging one from car to car. Child just carries this "seat" with them. Keep an extra on hand for bringing along a friend. Carpooling just got easier. Bonus, you can drive your coworkers to lunch without having to move a bunch of seats!

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Babies need to be protected in vehicles even while they are in utero. The Tummy Shield™ does this by moving the lap portion of a seat belt off the belly, making a 4-point harness over the legs.

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Coming soon! We are searching for innovative rear-facing seats to offer parents.

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From age 3 on, the RideSafer® Travel Vest is an easy, safe, convenient and legal child restraint, great for traveling with children, carpools, fitting 3 across or special needs.

I wanted to comment on Safe Ride 4 Kids SUPERIOR customer service. I bought a vest and had a couple of questions regarding proper fit, I immediately received a response from one of the sales associate who then referred me to the President of the company, Greg. Greg was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Always trying to find the best option for me and for the safety of my children. The vest that I bought was unfortunately a little bit too big for my 2-year-old but Greg was more concerned about proper fit and safety than pushing a sale. I had to return the vest for now but definitely will be keeping them in mind when my little one grows a bit more. I give them 5 stars for customer service! Thanks for all of you help — it really is nice to know that this company's true goal is to keep our kids safe. Isabel A. via facebook ~ mother
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